Friday, February 5, 2010

Three Bunnies Hopping Down the Bunny Trail!

Good morning readers! How are all of you since my giveaway? I am hoping that all is going fine with all of you! I just wanted to take some time and show you a few of my new additions to my Etsy shop. I have just got down with three more bunnies for the Easter time rush. Here are two of my newest bunnies and the third will be posted soon! Where is the third bunny? Well the third bunny is lacking a bow to put around his neck and will put that on him sometime today and get him posted with the rest. So be watching for the third bunny. All will be posted in my Etsy shop and welcome you to go and read about these new additions to my shop. I hope you enjoy them and there will be even more bunnies, and Easter/Spring items as time progresses! ENJOY! (Sorry for showing their behinds. I just thought the tails turned out soo cute I couldn't help but share a picture.)Here is the third bunny so now they are all together and fully decorated!

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