Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Special thank you goes to The Feather Factory!

Hello readers! I hope all of your are doing fine and enjoying my newest creations for Spring! I have a very special thank you that I would love to send to the owner of the shop "The Feather Factory!" I am soo late and apologize fully for having to wait so long for sending this thank you for a fantastic item that I won in a give a way on her blog!

The Feather factory is a wonderful shop that is located on FuzzB. For the nature lover she has anything you may want for your home decorating that has to do with wild life and nature, mainly our bird friends, that have many uses such as squirrel feeders, rooster wall hangers, a humming bird clock and rooster canisters. All of her items are very affordable and would be great additions to any home! The neatest items are all the many types of bird feathers she sells. They are from all types of birds with the most beautiful feathers and can be used in crafting and are made with many types of feathers called feather pads. Feather pads made with marabou, guinea, peacock, reeve and many other exotic bird feathers can be found. What her FuzzB shop is truly full of is bird houses. Not just any type of birdhouses ....but birdhouses that are so beautiful and detailed that they are made to find a great place to display them in a favorite nook, or cranny of your home! Actually, that is where I diplayed my winnings was on another winning that I won from The Firecrackerkid from Etsy's winnings of a primitive candle holder that is hanging in my kitchen right above my kitchen table! It puts it high enough that my cats can't touch it...yet is in sight well enough, upon entering into my house that you can see it right away!

Take a look at this beauty!

This is the cutest,decorative, birdhouse I have ever seen! If you think this one is cute go into her FuzzB shop and take a look at all of her other birdhouses. They are every size, color and style imaginable! If you LOVE anything having to do with our feathered friends checkout her shop. You won't be sorry!


An extra suprise in with my winnings was a bottle of Linden Flower bath and shower gel! Apparently this same seller has another shop...which I am thinking is the one from Art Fire that sells this wonderful product! I haven't fully checked out all that this shop contains but is just as interesting and sells things that you won't be able to get elsewhere!

I was so suprised to see this extra winning in with my first and LOVE body and bath supplies! I have gone crazy over this also and as you can see have used this soo much that I'm now running out so I'll need to look her up soon! This shop's name is Gypsy G Designs! To get there just put this link in your search and enjoy!


Every time I was done husband would walk in and say what a lovely smelling product she sent me! And IT IS!!!! She has so much more items for the person that loves the look of beautiful feathers from more feather pads to handknit lampshade covers!Her shop is full and is currently having a 10% off sale so see her today for some great prices on some GREAT items!

Again, thank you Feather Factory for my wonderful winnings! It has been a pleasure to get to know you and see what you have to offer your customers! Two thumbs up for this shop's owner for great offerings and wonderful service!

Remember to visit her blog and become a follower!



Tins and Treasures said...

Thank you for sharing the link...I'm heading over there now!

Carol said...

Hi ya Deb:) That is a cute birdhouse, and that's fine little resting spot for it too. Will you be sharing it with your feathered friends come Spring? Hugs~Carol

WillowtreeTreasures said...

I hope you have fun Nat!

I'm sorry to say Carol this is more of a decorative, rather than a bird feeder to actually put out with the birds. We have an outdoor birdfeeder so my cats can enjoy watching the birds eat. We have a lot of blue jays that hangout at our outdoor feeder. This one I just have to admire inside my home! It really fit nice on the top of this lovely candle holder I won from you and brings notice to that AND to the feeder. Did two good things with one location. Thanks so much for coming in ladies! I hope you're having a great day!

Missy said...

Love it !