Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have combined and "Slashed Shipping Sale" as the OFG Holiday Celebration is going on! Come enjoy in the savings!

Hello everyone! I have feverishly been working on starting a new sale since my " Day Late Labor Day Sale and Going Back to Work and School Sale" has reached its end. The September sales are over. I am offering this October a"Slashed Shipping Price Sale" and have $3 taken off the shipping and handling fee. If you buy multible items you can get items at the prices I have listed when selling more that one item to a customer. The savings would even be greater! I already have all the prices adjusted and ready for people to start buying so there is no waiting involved. Just go to my shop and start buying! WOW!

Plus the items for the Holiday Celebration for OFG is now in the process of being posted by their creators! There is just sooo much going on and so much to look at! Please stop by my shop and check it out! Again, write "OFG Holiday Celebration" on
Etsy's main page and you can view everything that this very talented group has to offer. This Celebration has now included Winter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving offerings from its members and is well worth looking at! Stop today and start thinking snow? LOL Well holidays would put you on the right track! ENJOY!



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