Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I got it all in the bag.....

Good morning all! Have all of you seen the beginning of the winter weather by experiencing some snow? I just feel that it is so beautiful this time of year and love those first few episodes when the snow is at its whitest and softly falling all over the grass we spent so many hours mowing this past spring and summer! I hope you are all ready for the holidays and this helps put you all in the mood to bring on the turkey and stuffing and sit back and enjoy the parades!

I am here to tell you today of the folkart lamp that I've made and it is for sale in Etsy. I made my first folkart lamp and can't say how much I loved putting this together. Good thing I have done the snowman and Annie "Learning to skate" Dolls for this bottom of this lamp needs to be boxed and would have never known how to do this if I hadn't done those dolls first! Thanks goodness for small favors! I plan to make more and put them on but I have some woolfelt brooches I'd like to try my hand at first and still need the wool for the folkart Santa that I'm still waiting to complete! I promise once the wool has arrived this item will be up and available and would be another item that can be put under the doll greeter category of my shop. So if you are in need of an awesome doorgreeter keep you eyes on my shop for I'll get the hair and beard on the minute the wool arrives! Well for now enjoy the new style lamp I'll be making available and hope you enjoy this new item. If you have a color that you are interested in or a certain woolfelt figure you would like to request...please feel free to do so and I will get busy putting together your item. Until next time....keep smiling and remember every snow flake that touches you during the day is the snow angel from the heavens touching you with her soft/ loving touch. Go out and enjoy it! P.S. I also tried a felt flower pin that I made, of course, prim and added to it my list also. Go see what you think. Thanks!


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