Friday, November 7, 2008

Not to worry....Santas are coming!

Good morning all! I apologize for being so quick with my latest posts. I have been working my head off to make sure I get enough Christmas items in my Etsy shop and am looking at what I can do for Valentines! Crazy isn't it? It never seems to end ...but is a true challenge to see how many things I can get going at one time and multitask to get it all done....but done with quality and not getting caught up in the idea of quantity!

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently working on a couple of santas and will have them done soon and will have them posted in my shop by next week. *fingers crossed* I'm hoping they will be done and ready to be up for sale by next week...I should say!LOL

Like I said I am also thinking Valentine's Day! You say..."Why would you do that? That isn't until Feb." My answer is because it is the next holiday and will be creeping up on us before you know it and is also a very popular holiday! With crafting the holidays seem to just move along and before you know it the whole year is gone and wonder why half of it you didn't even recognize!

Well I'm having a great time just upping the antie on myself for item numbers , items to fill my categories and trying out new ideas that to quit now would set me off my inner clock to produce, produce, produce!

Well just thought I touch base with you on my ideas, current projects and future projects so that you know ...although my items in my shop may be stalled for now. It won't be for long for I am still working on filling in items that I don't have yet and hopefully will do well enough that I will touch someone out there to make something their very own!

Take care and until next time......

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