Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come and welcome the new addition to my Etsy!

Hello everyone! How were your holidays? I hope you all had plenty of turkey and had a great time with your loved ones and friends! Did any of you spend time watching the Macy's parade? It is never Thanksgiving for me until I'm watching those enormous balloons , and fantastic floats, are on my tv screen, with all of my family members oooing and ahhing over there size and construction! I always love that this time of year!

Did any of you venture out on Black Friday for shopping? My son and fiance went and quickly left the mall because of the customers! They did get some shopping done and bought themselves some shoes ...but I guess they are not much different than mom and dad or mom and dad in-law. I was in awe of the online sales and ,even taken more with the cyber Monday sales! I can't say I bought anything ....but that sure was fun and no crowds to deal with! If you have a story about your Black Friday shopping experience please leave a comment and let me know all about it! All I know is that it can be the most exciting shopping trip you can make.... or a trip when you end up with a few bruises and hair loss before you return home! Watching the news and seeing customers waiting long hours for a very desirable toy or new "high tech." unit can bring the beast out in many that are usually very friendly and kind! I don't want to see that any closer than the tv when the mild mannered folks turn into monsters! LOL

Well I am here today to tell you of another item I just added to my shop. I have sold a Primitive Grungy cat over the weekend and just put a new one up. Please come in and take a gander at her , and her mouse. She is quite an addition and is ALL PRIM! So if you LOVE prim you might very well take a liking to her! I hope you all have a fantastic day! Enjoy!



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Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

Deb, what a cute Cat! Love it!
I have an award for you at my Blog.
Please stop by and pick it up and pass it on to your favorite blogs..

Love you my girl,