Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Ebay Group has just surfaced!

Hello readers! Six more days until Christmas! Can you believe it! I hope all of you have been good and will be remembered by Santa! I have no worries there! I'm sure all of you will be rewarded for your goodness! Get to bed on time on Dec. 24th because I believe Santa shows up around 12 midnight. Don't forget to leave him cookies and milk. We like to keep our Santa jolly!

I am here today to tell you of a great new group that has just been born! It is called," A Primitive Gathering of Sisters!". The leader is Kelly, Once in a Blue Moon Primitives, and is a reuniting of another group from ebay....Olde Primitive Sisters Group, OPSG. This reuniting of a number of OPSG members , which is very much alive and well, and is now 37 members strong and getting caught up with each other once again! I have been so touched to return to a group that, overtime lost touch with one another. I'm thrilled to know what is going on in my primitive sister's lives and have missed them greatly! Its funny that I was just feeling the loss of my sisters from Ebay that Kelly came along and asked me to rejoin her in another group that I have been very close to! Thank you Kelly for this invitation! I love being reunited and having the opportunity to get caught up with my wonderful group of Ebay! I love each and everyone of you! I have made a turn in my selling forum but have not lost the friendships that I've made with my OPSG primitive sisters! You are all the very best! Next time your in Ebay put APGS in your search and take a look at all the wonderful items this new group has to offer! (Go to another great group to view their great talents by putting OPSG in your search!) You won't be sorry! These groups are overflowing in talents and are the nicest groups of primitive crafters that I've ever met!

Don't forget the Website featuring great members of OPSG;


(Put APGS and/ or OPSG in your search)

(A few logos and banners that you will see to identify this group! Aren't they great?)


Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

That was a wonderful comment! Thank you, I too am so happy we are all back together again. It's sweet!

Love you my girl,

Britt said...

Im so honored to be apart of this amazing group!