Friday, December 4, 2009

The Olde Farmhouse Gathering Has Lost A Great Leader and Friend!

Good morning all! I have some shocking news to share with you today! On Thanksgiving we lost one of the sweetest leaders of the OFG Team. Her name is Linda Foster and she touched All of the members lives in one way or other. She passed due to, what is believed to be by a massive heart attack, and left many members in disbelief and an empty feeling that echoed throughout the group of OFG! Many members have already published in their posts and left their messages "saying goodbye" to this wonderful lady and sending their sympathies to her family. I ,as usual, am lagging behind the rest! I just went into Deb T's. blog today,, and she has the sweetest way of dealing with her grief by leaving YouTube videos that are in her honor. When you are at a loss of words ...I felt this was the perfect way to leave a strong message of what Linda meant to as all without getting wordy so that inspired me to do the same. I found this video and knew this was the right way for me to say goodbye! I hadn't heard it in years...but just playing it touched my heart in a way that it said to me...THIS IS IT! This is the song that I would like to dedicate to Linda and her family!

The mods and other members of OFG are currently moving ahead and doing so in the name of Linda and all that she has done to begin this group and to set its destiny to be coming a very close knit group of artists that are planning to carry on with what Linda had started! I applaud the wonderful dedication of these fellow members and thank them for doing their work in the rememberance of Linda.

To Linda's family I send the deepest of sympathy for your loss of such a remarkable woman! She was the symbal of kindness, guidance, encouragement and inspiration for the OFG members and we will never forget her or stop missing her! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Heaven has just received another angel.... and when we look to the heavens Linda will be in our thoughts! HUGS....Deb


basketsbyrose said...

Lovely, wonderfully written! It is hard to believe that a week ago, Linda's son emailed me with the news. Thank you for the post about Linda.

Carol said...

Very nicely said Deb. Linda's passing hit me hard too. She is with us in spirit and would definitely want us all to be happy and enjoy our holidays with thoughts of her in mind... all the good times with her online. No doubt she was an incredible gal. Thank you for sharing with us:) Hugs, Carol

Brenda said...

Wonderful Deb!! I miss her so much!!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wonderfully written Deb!