Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another item in Etsy!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you the newest edition on Etsy. I just added into my shop a set of three gingerbread men that are highly spiced. The look and smell like the real thing and would be just too cute in a bowl, basket or on a shelf for viewing and to smell their amazing fragrance. They are made of muslin and painted with a coffee mixture and had a coating of modpodge applied behind the recipe for gingerbread cookies ...and then the gingers where coated in a layer of modpodge to give a look of glazing. A final coat of secret spices where then grunged into the gingers adding its fragrace and giving the appearance to these bowlfillers of being real. Don't eat them, however, for they are only intended for decoration. Please come take a look at them today. If three isn't enough I have two sets available. Purchase the second set and expand the decoration you have made with the first set, set the second set in a different area, or give the second set to a friend or give as a gift! It is gift that is certainly to please!

I am currently busy working on a mixture of Halloween and Winter items. As soon as the items are finished I plan to get them posted on the Olde Primitive Sister's site and in my Etsy shop. I will post here what I have put on and where they are located and then leave a link to allow you to get to the correct site to read about my new additions as they happen. Enjoy and keep your eyes here for this is where you will hear it first! Have a great day all and take care!







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