Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello again Ebay!

Good morning readers! I have just done something that I thought I had put behind me. I have left Ebay for quite awhile. I have had my start selling items there, started sewing and selling with Ebay, and learned how to navigate through Ebay and Paypal by having my beginnnings there. Ebay had been very good to me and I joined in a number of artist groups and took part as much as I could. A number of unfortunate happenings took me away from crafting, selling and participating in my groups and I began to feel "out of the loop!" No one seemed to know who I was anymore, I started to shy away from group contacts and just started feeling alone and that I would have to start again in another place to begin again. Thus Etsy came about. All of this has been a continual problem with having dreams and having to get over them so I could move forward. It also happened to me in teaching. I worked on and off for 6 years , and was a kindergarten aide for one year. Teaching has now changed and my degree only allows 90 days of classroon teaching. To keep my degree active would require more training , 180 hours of in college classroom instruction, and when I found this out my son just graduated college and we were looking at his loans. How was I to go back? I never was in a situation long enough to be considered for a full time job! I had such a hard time with that to face it again but in another area of my life was too much... so I ran from it instead of facing the problem , as it was , and trying to work out a plan! I couldn't face starting all over...because you really need to keep working if you are to get a following and not lose anyone or grow in a job and have it amount to anything. I think Etsy was good move for me but I can't forget what Ebay can do either! It is a very powerful resource of customers that buy worldwide and I have just added International sales to my auctions. Good thing I've gotten the strength to widen out my customer base. I may need it!

Well I've had a change of heart and have opened myself to selling back on Ebay. Maybe starting more slowly this time but to ...on a more regular basis post auctions and be seen where I was , at one time known, in a forum for larger amounts of viewers and possible sales! What could it hurt!? Just making my presence known could stabilize me to keep my creations coming! I know alot of members had alot of problems with the Ebay rules being changed and the pricing being increased and primitive crafters to rethink where their listing their items..... but a bit of advice. ...give it a second may be well worth your time! I'm upset what has happened to my business that I've worked so hard for to build , and disappeared, but you are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. You don't know what is in your future unless you try! Sometimes that means taking chances and making a number of plans for backup!

Scott has has a very success for train business in Ebay and we just found a wholesaler where we will be looking to make some purchases and may open a Ebay store with these items. I will let my readers know before this happens in case you know of a train enthusiast that may be interested in checking it out! His Ebay name is Willowtree-Depot and he sells everything having to do with this hobby. So that is some interesting news for you! I can't wait to get started and am looking at it like a new window of opportunity!

One thing I have found is that pity parties are only felt by a select few. No one likes a person that thrives on negativity and thinks the worst! I tend to do that and then have a light of inspiration that comes down from nowhere and lifts my spirits and am calling on these things right now to get me in the right frame of mind to pick up again and start over with a positive attitude! I think it is like anything else it can get stale and you need to find ways to bring it back to life...breathe new air into it and appreciate that you can keep the enthusiasum and spark to try things a new way and not to give up! That is my moto starting out today! If you are getting discouraged in an area of your life I hope that my little talk has enlightened you! Believe me that there has been so many things in my life that I've had dreams of that never panned out . If I can pick up after all of this and feel good about'll hopefully see that your life has hope and promise! Don't allow yourself be the slave to your in command of it! Have a great day all and please check out my items that I have listed on Ebay. Hey a new place to find my items isn't that great? You can have fun bidding on them and hopefully will be the new owner of either dolls...or maybe both! I wish you all the luck! Once my husband's train business is settled I will leave the link so that you can see what is in his store or auctions depending on what is the most practical to run. Have a great day all and thank you for coming today!

primitive Halloween Witch Doll and Cat Doll

Primitive Scarey Halloween Witch and Cat Doll



WhimsyStitches Primitives said...

Your story is very touching, thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you're on track again. My prayers for continued strength and success in your new endeavors.
Hugs, Sondra

WillowtreeTreasures said...
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I Play Outside The Box said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, Deb. Good luck with your eBay.

kris said...

Deb, glad you're feeling motivated and wish you all the best again with eBay. I am hoping to be able to start listing there again soon also.
Kris :)