Friday, August 29, 2008

Today is Spookfest in Etsy for the Olde Farmhouse Gathering Team!

Hello everyone. One of the special dates that I have already told you about...but will tell you again about it since it has been a while is the Spookfest that is happening amongst the Olde Farmhouse Gathering members. The members that are participating have entered items that involve anything that has to do with Halloween and things that are involved this time of year. There are alot of great items that can be found and all the men and women have done an awesome job with the items they have in this great celebration! Please come and take a look ! You won't be disappointed. Just put "OFG Spookfest" in the search on the main page of Etsy and view all the many items that have been entered into this very important holiday that we call Halloween! I have now available for sale my Annie the Good Witch doll and Spud-Witch the Doxie/Dashund dog doll both for sale and up for viewing. Please come in and check them out as well and think Halloween decorating or gift giving! You'll be ahead of the game. The links to get there are listed below for easy access. Just copy and paste them into your search and you are on your way! ENJOY!

Primitive Spud-Witch the Doxie/ Dashund Dog Halloween Doll

Primitive Annie the" Good Witch" Halloween Doll




Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

Hi Cutie,

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DaizyDonna said...

Hi sweetie, I have something for you on my blog :)
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