Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back and new additions can be found on Ebay!

Hello all! I wanted to send you a quick note that I have just listed again on Ebay and invite all to see what I have put on. The first item was relisting my Primitive Scarey Witch and her Black Cat. I have reduced her beginning bid, so if you had your eyes on her but needed a lower beginning bid to be enough to try bidding on them, now is the time.

The second item I put on was the same witch I will be listing at the beginning of next month for the Halloween Celebration for Etsy. She is Witchie Poo Annie "the GOOD Witch Doll." She is also at a very attractive beginning price and is just waiting for a good home to go to!

Lastly, I have listed a set of my Black Cats with eyelids. Their eyes are just so soulful and would be perfect for the Halloween season! Please come into my Ebay sales and check them out! Looks like there is alot of interest there!

Now you are up to date on new additions in my different areas that I can be found and wish everyone that starts a bid..good luck on being the new owner of whatever has "spoken" to you to be brought into your home! Thank you for coming in today to see what new things have been listed and where! I hope you find this information helpful! Have a super day all!



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